Breakfast Club Characters

Breakfast Club Characters

breakfast club characters

breakfast club characters

Was The Breakfast Club one of your all time favorite movies from the 80’s? Have you always wanted to know more about the characters featured in this movie, but perhaps you weren’t quite sure where to start? No problem! I will be more than happy to help you with that!

The characters in The Breakfast Club movie are quite an eclectic mix different of personalities.

Emilio Estevez starred as Andrew Clark who was known as the athlete or jock. In this movie, the character of Andrew is a real people pleaser. He is a high achiever who is constantly going out of his way to try to impress people such as his father, coach, and friends. He has a lot of anger that is often brewing inside of him because he lives a life that is not necessarily one of his own choosing, but one that he feels has been chosen for him by the people in his life.

Anthony Michael Hall played the role of Brian Johnson, otherwise known as the brain. The character of Brian excelled academically, and his peers often picked him on because of his intelligence as they saw him as nothing but a geek or nerd. He is very shy and has a real tendency to want to play by the rules. He is definitely not a rule breaker. As seen in this movie, just the mere thought of possibly breaking one of the rules makes him very anxious and stressed out! Brian is a real perfectionist and cannot stand the thought of failing at anything.

Judd Nelson played the role of John Bender in The Breakfast Club. This is a person who has some serious issues. Rather than talking about these issues, he tends to deal with them by making many rude, sarcastic comments to people. He comes across as a real tough guy, but on the inside, he is actually a good person.

Ally Sheedy played the role of Allison Reynolds in this movie. The character of Allison was a total basket case. The others saw her as a real weirdo who lacks social skills in a major way.

Molly Ringwald played the role of Claire Standish. She was known to everyone as a spoiled, snobby “princess”. She comes across as very conceited because she tends to think that she is better than everyone else is. This is due to a combination of the fact that she comes from a very wealthy family and that she is considered very popular at their school.

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  1. The article is really good if u ask my rating for this article for 5 out 5 I will shurely give 4 Ratings Because the article contains maximum required information about Breakfast Club Characters,which really helps any one if they come across this article for information

  2. The character of Emilio Estevez starred as Andrew Clark because i almost cried when i watched him flow out his story to his friends when they gather in the library for detention.It is a pity that parents cannot understand the pressure they exert on teenagers on being the number one and top of everything even though they are not interested in it.Of course some parents might be understanding but most of them view their kids as some kind of “race horse”.The breakfast club movie depicts the situation of these youngsters perfectly.

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