Michael Jackson Still Alive

Michael Jackson Still Alive

Well the latest news on the late Michael Jackson right now, which has everyone asking is Michael Jackson still alive, is did he actually exit the coroner’s vehicle in which he was taken from his home in? Apparently there is a video right now making the rounds across the Internet, claiming to show Michael Jackson quite alive after he was reported dead, and exiting the back of the coroner’s vehicle.

The video was uploaded by a person claiming to have received it from a trustworthy source, and even though the person does resemble Michael Jackson, there is no possible accurate way to prove it is Michael Jackson, or even to prove it was taped that day because there is no time stamp on the actual video. Even though the person on the video resembles Michael Jackson in body structure, we never get to see the person’s face; we only get to see him from behind and from afar.

Even though the person claims and assures us that the video is real and Michael Jackson is still alive and faked his death, it is more likely a fake tape to fuel the conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theorists that suggest that Michael is still alive and faked his death, very similar to stories about Elvis Presley.

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  1. Michael Jackson will alive in our heart, coz he began different pop music and started a new dance step within us, changed our thought, mind etc. Although he is not in the world but he will immortal within his music.

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