Mullet Hairstyles

Mullet Hairstyles

Mullet Hairstyles

Mullet Hairstyles

Oh the 80’s what an era, who can forget it! With all its colors, makeup, spikes and hair! I don’t think there was ever a time or era with so much inspired hairstyles and haircuts! A couple of the most popular 80s hairstyles were; the teased hairstyle, the asymmetric haircuts and the famous/infamous mullet hairstyle. Even though the mullet had been used before, the eighties was the true birth of the mullet hairstyles.

Hairstyles are easy to delineate: they are just the ways in which we wear our hair. The typical mullet hairstyle cut is short at the front and sides, and long in the back. Commonly panned as a lowbrow and unappealing hairdo, and often frivolously referred to as “business in the front, party in the back,”.

The mullet haircut first began popping up in popular media between the 60s and 70s but did truly catch on fire with the general masses until the early 80s. The early 80s saw a lot of mullets on female rockers and more and more men embraced the look as the years progressed.

The mullet hairstyle achieved further attractiveness in the late 70s and 80s among entertainers with thinning hairlines such as Anthony Geary of “Luke and Laura” fame from the soap opera General Hospital, and the rock performers Michael Bolton and Phil Collins. It continued to be popular until the early 90s and has enjoyed partial returns as a popular retro look.

Even though the mullet’s glory days was in the 1980s /early 1990s there are presently still plenty of people who still claim the mullet cut their own, including folks from the south, old school bodybuilders and metal heads. And even though the mullet cut has changed its look throughout the years, the core look hasn’t changed. The one thing common in all mullet hairstyles is that  hair is trimmed shorter on the top and around the ears and longer in the back.

2 thoughts on “Mullet Hairstyles

  1. although in the 80′s i was a child, i really like mullet hairstyles, with long hair on the back. it makes me feel cool and comfortable. but it needs more treatment actually.

  2. i grew up in the 80s 90s … i grew up watching these celebs with mullets … and now all of a sudden they are gone :( totally extinct , vanished … sigh !!
    i really adore mullets and everything (music, films, cars) of the 80s 90s … coz those were the good old spicy days

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