Heathers TV Series

Heathers TV Series

Heathers TV Series

Heathers TV Series

According to Variety the dark comedy “Heathers,” that classic 80’s teen flick starring Veronica (Winona Ryder)and J.D. (Christian Slater), will be revamped into a TV series helmed by Mark Rizzo and Jenny Bicks (Sex in the City). As of yet, no actors are officially attached to the series (at the time of this post).

In addition supposedly all the characters are said to be returning which obviously is a problem, if you saw the movie you know what I mean or either it’s a prequel or maybe a little revisionist history at work!

Either way I really don’t think it will really work well on the small screen, the movie was a classic original 80s teen dark comedy. There is a lot of darkness and comedy here that would be difficult to replicate on TV or anywhere else for that matter.

Country: United States

Genre: Black Comedy, Crime, Satire, Teen

Rating: R

Running time: 102 mins.

Distributor: New World Pictures, Premier Releasing, Greater Union Organization, New World Video, Titanus Distribuzione, Roadshow Films Pty Ltd, Forum Distribution, RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video

Release Date: 03/31/1989

Cumulative Box Office: $1,108,462.00

a.k.a : Fatal Games,  Lethal Attraction

Logline: An elite clique of friends all named Heather are recruiting friends. However, when one of their new friends starts dating the new boy, people start showing up dead. Synopsis: A teenage girl and her outcast boyfriend resort to murder as revenge against their high school’s popular crowd.

Director: Michael Lehmann
Producer: Denise Di Novi



Winona Ryder Veronica Sawyer
Christian Slater JD
Shannen Doherty Heather Duke
Lisanne Falk Heather McNamara
Kim Walker Heather Chandler
Penelope Milford Pauline Fleming
Glenn Shadix Father Ripper
Lance Fenton Kurt Kelly
Patrick Labyorteaux Ram
Jeremy Applegate Peter Dawson

Shown at Deauville Film Festival September 1-11, 1989. Shown at Houston International Film Festival April 28, 1989. Shown at MIFED Milan, Italy October 1988. Shown at Seattle International Film Festival May 11 – June 4, 1989. Shown at United States Film Festival in Park City, Utah January 21, 25, 27 & 28, 1989.

Released in New York City and Los Angeles March 31, 1989.